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AllowBlock is an internet access and parental control software for Internet Explorer that allows you to block web addresses by domain name, URL, stop word or selectively allow visiting only selected websites while blocking the rest of the Internet. Much like any parental and access control software this utility allows to manage internet access for currently logged on user or for all users on the PC. Among other features AllowBlock includes file downloads blocking, access password protection to prevent unauthorized users from editing settings and password protected uninstall feature.
Block selected websites.
Block websites per "stop" words.
Block or allow websites per domain TDL.
Allow browsing only selected websites.
Block file downloads.
Password protect AllowBlock access.
Password protect  AllowBlock uninstall.
Work for the current user or all PC users.
"Switch off" internet access altogether.

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AllowBlock Internet Filtering Features:
Block access to social networking sites like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.
Block adult sites per keywords contained in URL.
Block access to questionable and objective content sites, e.g. online gambling sites.
Allow only selected sites to be browsed, e.g. company catalogue online in a store, school library information, test quiz in a school etc. 
Use AllowBlock in a hotel or library lobby kiosk type computer.
Block file downloads so that kids will not be able to install software that may contain adware, spyware, viruses or malware.

Product Information: 
Developed by Ashkon Software L.L.C.
The latest version 2.18 released Apr 16th, 2016
Supported OSes: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10 32 and 64-bit
Registered version cost: from
USD 49.95USD 39.95 
Setup file size (1.34 Mb)
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