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Security Tips: Mapping out ways to stop hackers on Google from stealing your info

Google is known as one of the major sources of having all the information about any topic and corporate companies are creating accounts over Google to get connected to the world to run their business.

But in many cases, it has been reported that hackers are quite active and they can steal your personal and important data from your account. To save your data from the hackers, here are some of the ways you should try to protect your data.


At the time of using an account or when you are about to download and upload some confidential documents, you should make sure that your connection is secure and you are safe from all the hackers.

The best way to view your documents and to stop the hackers from stealing your data is to use your account from home. You should purchase your internet connection from a reliable internet provider to make sure that your connection is completely secure.


Google is now offering you alerts and you can now have a message on your phone when someone tries to steal your personal information. If someone is going to log in to your account from some different device and different IP address, you will get an alert and you can stop it right away.

If you have any kind of doubt that someone is going to steal your data and this is going to be a great loss for you, then you should connect your Google account to your phone to keep it safe and secure.


Another thing which can help you in keeping your data confidential is to go for the x-factor method. When you are creating a password for your account, you should use lots of uppercase and lowercase letters that it gets impossible for the hacker to get into your account.

The more you complicate your password the more hacker is going to have a hard time in breaking it. Use of special characters in the password makes it impossible for the hacker to guess the password.


Always choose a secret security question for your account. You can choose a question which is personal to you and nobody knows about that aspect of your life. If someone is going to answer the wrong question, your account will be temporarily locked.

You can create a custom question as well which is the safest thing to try to protect your account. The security question is going to consume a lot of time of hacker and maybe, in the end, he is going to give up.


We all receive a number of emails in a day where someone is trying to explain about their wealth but most of us know that all those things are a scam.

You can take a look at the Guy Sheetrit and Google Maps marketing to find out the way to avoid such emails. Never click on the link which is given in the spam emails because it may hack your account and you will never know how it all happened in the blink of an eye.

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Analyzing Some Of The Features Of Top Rated Spy Camera’s On Today’s Market

There are plenty of camera’s that are out there these days. but more importantly, camera’s that are developed these days are not just to take pictures but are majorly as a spy camera. You will agree with me that if it is a spy camera then it has to be unnoticeable. Hidden camera’s are presently available in the market to record any unwelcome anti-social behavior, conflicts and even burglaries (you can find the top rated spy camera on the market here). The handiness of the camera’s these days are great and their small size makes them almost unseeable. However, for office setting and for security purposes this camera is essential.  Having a camera is becoming more and more necessary. Here are some of the features that you need to look out for when making a purchase.


The size of a camera will go a long way in defining the purpose of that camera. Spy camera’s should be small and unnoticed. Having large sized camera’s for a spy job is really not a good idea, the smaller the camera is, the better. The camera should be placed in a hidden place where it can not be seen easily.

Battery Strength

Now if you have a portable camera that is placed in a hidden place, then it is also necessary for the camera to have a battery of good strength. If the camera is hidden that means it the position of the camera should not be visited to change the battery often. there are different outstanding batteries out there that will suite your camera and last for a long time So having a camera with an excellent battery strength is just one major thing that your need to have.

Storage Capacity

If there is anything that’s really important in a camera it is the storage capacity. If you have to think about it for a few seconds, what is the point of having a camera that cannot store footage? It simply means you have a camera but no data coverage in the camera. The storage capacity of a camera has to be good to qualify it for a spy camera. When the camera is hidden, with good battery strength, it should be able to store the recorded data for a long time without overwriting the other data. If there has been a robbery for instance and the storage capacity of the camera could not capture it because it is small and full, this will have forfeited the real essence of having a spy camera.

Ease Of Usage

Lets be real, no one wants to have a complex complicated camera as a spy camera. It just becomes complex to handle and difficult to extract data. As a necessary rule of thumb, spy cameras have to be easy to handle so there is no time wasted doing millions of setup, especially when you are having a face to face conversation. Imagine having a swift camera that can start with ease by clicking one button and stops with easy with just one button as well. That is how easy a camera should be to handle.

Having a spy camera with these features will definitely serve a great purpose.


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How does an ad blocker Work?

Every Ad Blocker has some specific technical uniqueness which makes it different from the other. But if we analyze them principally, most of the ad blockers work by utilizing two rules in their software’s program.

  1. One is called communication blocking which is mainly due to the fact that it blocks the ad-servers e.g. blocking all the servers with the URLs “google.adsense”.
  2. Certain element hiding is also done by ad blockers with specific HTML e.g. hide out all the elements with class “ads”.

The idea is that when a person needs to block ads, he downloads the ad block plugin or some browser extension.

Then after installation, when he surfs through the internet, the certain type of ads are programmed on that particular site to appear but they get blocked by the ad blocker because there are also certain types of scripts to block in the programming of an ad block.

So, it is done by comparison which occurs in the seconds to decide what not to show on the web by the ad blocker. Some type of iOS ad blockers is so efficient that they block ads even before the site is loaded. So, in this way site runs faster than usual and provides best end user experience.

In the programming of an ad blocker plugin, there are certain types of ad-server domains which are specifically blocked by the plugin to ensure the ad-free experience. It is also a fact that all of the ad-server domains cannot be blocked by the software, so it tries to hide it when it comes in front of the user.

Every website also has certain spaces for ad placement. The plugin is programmed in such a way that it indicates the areas of the site where ad placement is chosen and thus prevents the ads on a large scale.

If the ad blocker rules are made aggressively in its programming then some of the content of the site which looks suspicious to ad blocker, it blocks it even if it is not an ad, so imperfect selection also happens and ad blockers are therefore made with certain tolerances and boundaries.

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Why do people block ads?

It’s a broad discussion and as the landscape is evolving nowadays, the ad servings also become very important both for the advertiser and the end user.

But looking at human psychology and natural inclination towards a particular behavior, it is needless to say that ad blocking has emerged one of the bigger issues for marketers.

Why do people want to block ads? This is the kind of question which every marketer should ask himself and his coworkers.

According to a straight human thought, it is crystal clear that no one is surfing the web for ads but they surf for the content.

The information delay which is brought by ads while loading a site or overlaying the content is making users desperate for ad blocking. Not all the ads are desired for blocking, but only the ones which are irrelevant to the content.

Like, if a reader is studying some online topic about “Spy movies” and he ends up with an ad which is for some costly watches, the natural intent comes into play to avoid this from happening next time, thus by preventing the ad serving phenomena from happening next time.

This is the first sensible thing comes in the head of the user if ads act as a hindrance in the path of his knowledge.

The misleading titles, the auto-playing video ads or the ads which cover the full screen on the PC or pop up on the whole screen of the mobile while the end user has no idea how he can close this ad, make the user frustrated.

If this keeps happening with the user due to frustrated advertisers, he definitely wants to use an ad blocker.

One major issue is the fear of malware attack which is attached with an ad and user is expecting a virus if he clicks on the ad, then this type of fear certainly promotes ad blockers.

Some malicious ads steal the personal info and one such happening with the end user makes him suspicious about ads. Some ads lead to the fake money-making sites which scam the people for fake money methods and thus such sites are a clear threat to an internet user and he wants to block such ads at first place.