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Web designing is the most rewarding job as there are so many options, a web designer can venture into. It is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of patience if you wish to succeed in this field. If you are outsourcing the job make sure that you give it to an experience design agency, which can provide you with wholesome solutions.


It is a journey

Web designing can be overwhelming as there are many options for designs to choose from. Another reason is that you will not be able to know everything about web design, but that’s the beauty of it.

No one has the perfect answer

As a web designer, you will hear people suggesting you different frameworks for you to work with, but know that there is no perfect formula. If you have a strategy that works for you, stick with it.


Context matters

Try to know what you are designing, take the time to understand your client and then create the right solution. Your design needs to fix their problems and knowing the context will help you achieve the same.


Less is more

You can catch audiences attention only for three to eight second, so you need to know how to design an effective design that seems less but can tell more.


Making something simple is hard

In web designing, even simple is hard as you need to make sure that you do not add unnecessary details and ruin your whole design. This is one of the disciplines a web designer has to learn.

Typography matters

Oliver Reichenstein wrote an article which stated that 95% of the web is typography and so it is important to create emphasis on your design. Understanding your audience will ensure that you create designs as per their needs.


Know your colour palette

A designer needs to learn their colour palette and it is tough, but can beuseful in designing logos, images, and also to know which colourwork harmoniously together.


Content is the King

The very foundation of the web is information, and you need to know how you can design information that can cater to the needs of the audience for both desktop and mobile users.


You are the designer

The clients might sometimes have an idea that is just ridiculous to you as a designer, so it is important to talk to them about your point of view and how this might help the clients better. They hired you for this reason, and need to remind them that and let you do your job.


keep learning

It is impossible to learn everything in web designing as there are many web techniques to learnis your job. So, try to learn new technologies and learn how to apply those techniques in your design.

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Best IT Consulting Companies in The World

There are many consultancy firms in the world which are used to advise different individuals or other organizations on ways to follow in order to achieve their business objectives or goals. Types of such firms include Strategy consultants, HR consultants, Marketing consultants, Legal consultants, Social Media consultants, Investment or Financial consultants, PR Consultants, and IT consultants.

This guide focuses on the best IT consulting companies in the world. IT consultants are used to giving professional advice on the ways to use I.T. (information technology) in the best possible ways so as to achieve various business objectives. To know the IT consulting service providers in your locality search for it support Indianapolis.


This’s one of the best consulting companies that serve many individuals and organizations from across the world. It provides consulting, technology, strategy, operations and digitals services. The company was started in the year 1989 in Dublin, Ireland. In 2015, it had about 48000 employees in the United States, 150000 in India, and 50000 in the Philippines. As of 2018 in September, the company had about 460000 employees from across the globe.


This’s another company which provides consulting services worldwide. It’s known as one of the largest IT consulting companies in the world with over 210000 employees. Majority of the employees are based in India (about 100000) and others from over 40 countries. The company was established 52 years ago (1967) in Paris, France. It specializes mainly in IT consulting, managed services, cloud infrastructure, management consulting, and outsourcing services.

Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte-Consulting was established in 1845 (about 174 years ago) in London, England and it’s one of the largest consulting companies globally based on the number of employees and revenue. It provides services such as financial advisory, consulting, audit, legal, enterprise risk, and tax. It has been ranked on several occasions as one of the top five management and consulting firms in the world. As of 2018, the company has over 286000 employees.

IBM Global Services

Founded 27 years ago (1991) in New York, US, this company is a division of IBM established mainly to provide information technology, strategy, consulting, management, and outsourcing services for business institutions and individuals from all parts of the world. Currently, it has expanded its services in the service delivery and in hybrid cloud systems. It has a great number of employees in about 170 countries and in 2014, the total amount of revenue made was about $13.5 billion dollars.


This’s one of the best IT consulting companies worldwide based in Amstelveen, Netherlands. It was established in 1987 (32 years ago) by James Grace and other founders. It provides services such as Financial, Tax advice, Assurance, Actuarial, Legal, and Consulting. The name of the company was chosen in 1987 when the company merged with Peat-Marwick, initially called Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG). The name stands for Klynveld-Peat-Marwick-Goerdeler. As of 2018, the company has over 207000 employees from more than 20 countries.

Using this article will help companies and other individuals across the world to find the best IT consulting companies to work with. This will give the best advice every company needs in order to succeed in any business dealing. Accenture has been ranched first, followed by Capgemini and Deloitte Consulting firms.