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When a website URL is "allowed" by AllowBlock it means that it will never be blocked, i.e. Internet Explorer user will be able to see the contents of this website. You may add websites to the "Allowed list" by a domain name or a wildcard match. 

AllowBlock supports wildcards when filtering URLs. Suppose you want to add Yahoo! site for kids in the allowed list. You may type in a full URL like (Yahoo's kids site) and the domain will be added to the "Allowed list". Note that main site: will still be blocked. If you want to add all content of Yahoo! website to the allowed list you may use a wildcard match * 

If you are trying to add a URL of a certain page then the full 3-d level domain name will be added. So please make sure that entire site is safe to browse for kids before adding a particular URL. After the website is added you would have to apply new settings by clicking "Apply" button.

New settings will take effect immediately in all opened Internet Explorer windows after Apply button is clicked. 
To add a website enter its domain name, URL of a page or wildcard in the edit box and press "Allow" button.

To add multiple websites or a keywords to a blocked list you may use "Block Sites" button on the toolbar. You may just type them one by one on separate lines and press Ok button to add them to the list of blocked or allowed sites.

To remove a an entry from the list of allowed websites please highlight it and press "Remove" button. You may select multiple items by holding Control button on your keyboard and using arrow keys.

Helpful Notes

What happens if a particular website matches both "Allowed" and "Blocked" lists? AllowBlock is working on a restrictive side - the access to this website will be blocked.
Note that, for example and are two different internet addresses. To make sure that both of them are allowed you have to add two entries in allowed list: and If you also would like to to allow access to sub domains, such as , you would have to add and *

Some website may redirect user at another internet address. A typical example is Hotmail web based email service from Microsoft. When user types in in the address bar of the browser he is redirected to Then the user is further forwarded to http://????.???? where ? can be any letter. So in order to allow access to Hotmail service both addresses and have to be added to the list of the allowed sites. 

Additional wildcard samples are presented below. 
1) adding * will allow all government websites for UK
2) adding *.google.* will allow all Google websites for example , , 
3) adding *.*.edu will allow to display contents of all educational domains in the US.

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