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AllowBlock can filter websites given a full website URL or partial URL text match. To block a website or group of websites you have to add them to the list of blocked sites. For example you may add to block access to Yahoo site Or you may just type in yahoo in the lists of URLs to block. This will block any website or web page including word yahoo in its URL, e.g. or http:/  After the website or a keyword is added to the list you have to apply new settings by clicking "Apply" button.

New settings will take effect immediately in all opened Internet Explorer windows.

To add a website enter its URL in the edit box and press "Block" button.

To add multiple websites or a keywords to a blocked list you may use "Block Sites" button on the toolbar. You may just type them line by line and press Ok button to add them to the list of blocked sites.

To remove a website highlight a URL or a keyword in the list of blocked websites and press "Remove" button. You may select multiple items by holding Control button on your keyboard.

Unlike with Allowed Websites wild card match is not supported for blocking the sites. Instead you may just add a domain name as a keywords to the list of blocked sites, or say ".edu" to block all educational sites for example.

Again, please do not forget to apply new settings after removing some items from the list.

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