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How to Locate Your Phone if it Gets Hacked

Nowadays, the most valuable possessions people own are their cell phones since they offer most of the communication in everyday life. Most of these communications range from emails, text messages, messenger programs, skype and social media. These phones also act as calendars, watches and reminders through notifications to name just but a few. With these much information it is only obvious that some people may want to get into your phone so that they can get the information that they need by themselves. They may want to access your phone calls,your social media,yor emails and even email addresses to your loved ones. They manage to do this by hacking into your phone. This is done through applications and programs that are aimed for stealing your information for personal gain and other peoples gains.

If you want to know that your phone has been hacked, one should check for the following things:
1. SPY APPS. These are applications that give someone the ability to visualize everything that you do on your phone stating from reading your text messeges, hearing the phonecalls that you make, knowing the exact location that you are,accessing your emails and social media just to name a few. Spy apps are available in a lot of the different app stores thereby making it very easy for them to get on your phone. An example of a spy app is Copy9. The most common way in which someone can get this app into your phone is if you physically let someone have possession of your phone. It is therefore not advisable to let someone have possession of your phone.It is also a wonderful idea to get a mobile app device that detects these malicious apps.
2. Phishing Using Messages. This is another major way in which people can use to get into your phone. This is normally done by sending you a text message that downloads the app into your app so hat they can keep track of what you are doing with your phone. You can prevent this from happening by for example, not opening attachments from people you know nothing about and also if someone sends you something that you know nothing about you can check with them to validate what has been sent
3. SS7 phone vulnerabilities.In a recent study, it has been discovered that there is a mobile vulnerability throughout the world known as SS7. This vulnerability allows hackers to view your mobile phone calls, track the location of GPS without you knowing it,read text messages. If your phone has been hacked you should try to use programs that encrypt your messages such as WhatsApp to prevent hackers from being able to intercept your messages.

4. Open WI FI networks and charging stations. When you are charging your phone or using strange WI FI systems you are actually putting yourself in a situation where someone may access your phone.  Your intentions could be to charge your phone but before you know it someone may maliciously get into your phone and access information. It is therefore advisable to not charge your phone or use internet unless you can completely trust the people that are offering the services.