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Digital receipts can provide your consumer with a better experience and also provides you with a very robust marketing strategy. Digital receipts can help propel the business to a greater height by not just providing the consumer with a better experience but also by helping the retailer spread awareness about his business.New technologies are being developed that allows shoppers to use their digital wallet to check out by simply waving their smartphones. Some companies such as Celerant technologies, iZettle, FlexReciepts, Star cloud services are working on developing services to help retailers build a good consumer relationship.

This is how Digital receipts work:

  • During thecheckout, the cashier will ask you for your email id.
  • The cashier enters the email id, and then the customer receives the email.
  • Data from the transaction is saved for future marketing programmes.

Some benefits of digital receipts include:


Digital receipts decrease the chances of receipts being lost

Digital receipts decrease the chances of consumers losing their receipts.Even if the digital receipts are not found it can be easily be retrieved, as the retailer will have the copies of the lost bill in his sent mail.This provides any consumer with a good shopping experience with your business.


Digital receipts can help a retailer build an email list

The consumer needs to provide with their email to the retailer to who is offering digital receipts. This provides the consumer with a clear data of the spending and also is benefiting the retailers by providing them with the real email ids of the consumers. This will help the retailer plan a strategy to improve his business.This ensures all information is reaching directly to the consumer without any issue. Digital receipts can also help as a strategic move to help you understand your consumers and also about the frequency of purchase to help you be prepared for the next time.


Digital receipts can help spread awareness about your company

A digital receipt is one of the most frequently opened email for business about 70% of the consumer open their mail to check the details of their purchase. Due to which, itis the perfect platform to engage consumers by spreading various information about your business. Also a very good way to increase your click-through rate to your website by provide information about the facilities your business can provide that can catch the consumers attention. Without second thoughts digital receipt marketing is an effective way to build your brand.


Digital receipts can include social media links

One of the most simple and easy way to invite the consumers into a conversation is by social media. Include social media links in the digital receipts, and through a simple click, your customers can provide you with the reviews, feedbacks, etc. Also, this helps spread awareness of the company through positive reviews. If the consumer is feeling very appreciative, they might share your website link in their social media.


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