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AllowBlock has an option of allowing browsing only selected websites that are on the allowed or white list. The list of blocked websites and "stop" words is ignored in this case. Browsing is only allowed at a subset of the Internet listed among "Allowed Websites". A site must match the list of the allowed site, otherwise it will be blocked. Use the checkmark as shown below to turn on this feature.

The option of browsing only allowed sites is widely used among our corporate users. A typical task is to restrict internet access to visiting only business related webpage(s), for example only, for the purpose to dedicate all employees time to work only and eliminate unnecessary internet browsing. 

Blocking Internet Access

As an option you may block internet access to any website in AllowBlock. The settings are presented below. This effectively "switch off" web access in Internet Explorer.

New settings will take effect immediately in all opened Internet Explorer windows.

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