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You may save  lists of allowed and blocked websites in a file for future use and open saved lists on another computer. . Please use "File" -> "Open" or "Save" menu or the following toolbar buttons.

A sample file sample.txt is included with software setup. The format of the file is XML, you may open sample file in the text editor and see the following contents:

<URL AllowBlock="1">*</URL>
<URL AllowBlock="2"></URL>
<URL AllowBlock="2"></URL>
<URL AllowBlock="2"></URL>
<URL AllowBlock="2"></URL>

AllowBlock attribute value 1 means that the entry belongs to a blocked list, AllowBlock attribute value 2 means that this is an allowed entry. The file must conform to the XML file format guidelines. An advanced computer user may create an XML rules file in a plain text editor and then open it in AllowBlock. AllowBlock web addresses entry files have .abw extension.

The internal file format is similar to that of Windows Vista Parental Controls file format.

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