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Security Tips: Mapping out ways to stop hackers on Google from stealing your info

Google is known as one of the major sources of having all the information about any topic and corporate companies are creating accounts over Google to get connected to the world to run their business.

But in many cases, it has been reported that hackers are quite active and they can steal your personal and important data from your account. To save your data from the hackers, here are some of the ways you should try to protect your data.


At the time of using an account or when you are about to download and upload some confidential documents, you should make sure that your connection is secure and you are safe from all the hackers.

The best way to view your documents and to stop the hackers from stealing your data is to use your account from home. You should purchase your internet connection from a reliable internet provider to make sure that your connection is completely secure.


Google is now offering you alerts and you can now have a message on your phone when someone tries to steal your personal information. If someone is going to log in to your account from some different device and different IP address, you will get an alert and you can stop it right away.

If you have any kind of doubt that someone is going to steal your data and this is going to be a great loss for you, then you should connect your Google account to your phone to keep it safe and secure.


Another thing which can help you in keeping your data confidential is to go for the x-factor method. When you are creating a password for your account, you should use lots of uppercase and lowercase letters that it gets impossible for the hacker to get into your account.

The more you complicate your password the more hacker is going to have a hard time in breaking it. Use of special characters in the password makes it impossible for the hacker to guess the password.


Always choose a secret security question for your account. You can choose a question which is personal to you and nobody knows about that aspect of your life. If someone is going to answer the wrong question, your account will be temporarily locked.

You can create a custom question as well which is the safest thing to try to protect your account. The security question is going to consume a lot of time of hacker and maybe, in the end, he is going to give up.


We all receive a number of emails in a day where someone is trying to explain about their wealth but most of us know that all those things are a scam.

You can take a look at the Guy Sheetrit and Google Maps marketing to find out the way to avoid such emails. Never click on the link which is given in the spam emails because it may hack your account and you will never know how it all happened in the blink of an eye.

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